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Let's make work that is purposeful.
Work that inspires and makes you feel good.

Let's make work that is purposeful. Work that inspires and makes you feel good.

High-level overview of what we do. Do we include bullets of type of work? It doesn't need to be involved but want this landing page to be informative and not fluffy. 

The Name


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Cadence is the rhythm of the boat, the pace of the crew, the thing that determines the next move. The cadence determines how it is going, it sets the tone and provides the pace for what follows. The cadence can easily shift and respond to what is needed for the piece—or it can infuse a jolt of energy—or change the complexity of the piece.

RED Cadence is built on this ethos—to establish a flexible and nimble metronome to help solve challenges. 

Without strategy and purpose, design is just design for the sake of making something look good. We do not do that. We strive to understand the challenge, understand the ask by what is and isn’t said, and let those cues inform the strategy, copy, and design decisions throughout the project.


At RED Cadence, we maneuver when needed but otherwise, hold a steady course.


The team.

Founder / creative director

Rebecca Donald

Global experiential agency work, communications design Penn. I am passionate about typography and white space and believe design should aid in the communication of the message without getting in the way of the content. I love presenting information in an engaging way that stays true to the brand.

When not working, you can find me running around the Charles River as the mist lifts off the water training for another race or pouring over interior design on Pinterest or connecting with friends and family—I love the coming together of people: for sport, a dinner party, or a wedding—these moments of human connection fill my soul.

Chief strategist & writier

Elizabeth Donald

An analytical thinker who thrives when things get complicated, Elizabeth organizes disparate ideas, jumbled thoughts, and complicated challenges, and succinctly charts a path forward. Elizabeth loves the depths of excel, deeply understanding people, asking questions, and organizing everything from excel docs to kitchen cabinets.

At ease in quieter moments, Elizabeth loves supporting small local businesses, craft beers, hiking, and dreams of living in a glass house along the coast. 


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